Phlebotomy Solutions

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The Automatic Needle Disconnect (A.N.D.) phlebotomy container from Post Medical is the ideal system for safe disposal of blood collection needles, lancets and butterflies. Molded of durable, thick-walled puncture-resistant plastic, this unit’s compact size fits easily into phlebotomy trays and allows personnel to safely, quickly and automatically remove used blood collection needles using only one hand with no change in technique.

Safe and Cost-Effective

The A.N.D. provides a major step forward in safety, yet, on an average, the cost per procedure is more economical than many other phlebotomy containers. The A.N.D. accepts blood collection needles, lancets and butterflies but not bulkier, non-medical waste, so one A.N.D. unit will typically outlast 3 to 5 “open top” style phlebotomy containers.