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Diabetic Needle Disposal

The Voyager is a transportable diabetic needle disposal system that allows diabetic patients and other injectables users to safely dispose of their used needles and syringes at home or while traveling. Currently, over 1.4 billion insulin syringes are used annually in the U.S. The Voyager provides injectables users a simple, compact device for containing used diabetes needles and destroying used syringes.

Portable Diabetic Needle Disposal For The Active Patient

  • Transportable and Convenient— The Voyager diabetic needles disposal container fits easily into a pocket, purse, backpack, etc.
  • Accepts Most Insulin Syringes— The Voyager accepts 13cc, 12cc, 1cc syringes and most lancets and glucose strips.
  • Disables the used syringe barrel— The Voyager removes a small section of the barrel holding the needle, eliminating any possible reuse of the syringe barrel.
  • Compact and Discrete— Provides a dedicated disposal vessel that users can use in private and carry with them as necessary.
  • Safe and Responsible— The Voyager provides diabetic needle disposal safey for family, friends, waste handlers and others by preventing accidental needlestick injuries. (800) 876-8678.